“The Gift of the Spirit”

Sermon – 05-23-21 – Pentecost – Cycle B
Scriptures: Acts 2:1-21, Psalm 104
Sermon Title: “The Gift of the Spirit”

The Holy Spirit is everywhere. If the Holy Spirit is invited into a person’s life, the invitation is accepted. If the Holy Spirit is invited into an event, the Holy Spirit is there. If the Holy Spirit sees us in need of help, the Spirit knows how to help – because, the Holy Spirit is one of the three persons who form God. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – three persons in one.

Day after day after day, the Holy Spirit takes care of me. I am always amazed. When I am making a poor choice, the Holy Spirit is there to protect me and help me come to my senses. When I am hurting, the Holy Spirit infuses comfort into my soul.

When I am supposed to be comforting someone else, the Holy Spirit shows up. When I am upset or angry, the Holy Spirit shows me another way to look at the situation. Amazing!

I am waiting for the Holy Spirit to reveal how our congregation shall move forward. It seems we are content with how things are presently. Why am I not satisfied with that? I look ahead. We calculate how much savings we have. “How long will the savings last?” we say. Everytime I go around with this puzzle, the Holy Spirit appears and tells me to “Be still.”

I watch the Holy Spirit living in other people. I see the faith and the love that is deep and yet shines forth in people’s lives. Such is what happens when I am with Gena and her mother. The faith and the wisdom is deep with each of them. The Holy Spirit led me to be a part of their lives and I will always be grateful.

Let us invite the Holy Spirit now into this sacred moment when Gena will become confirmed in the Christian faith and also become a member of our unique Christian body here at Zion.

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