“Let Us Follow the Light!”

Sermon – 01-05-20 – 2nd Sunday After Christmas
Scriptures: Jeremiah 31:7-14; various verses about “light”; Ephesians 1:3-14; John 1:1-18
Sermon Title: “Let Us Follow The Light!”

In the beginning is God – not a single being – but a three-person God. Always and forever, God is God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. This is the Christian faith.

It is believed that these three persons, who form God, enjoy each other tremendously. They do not want to keep this joy and fellowship to themselves. They desire to share it. But with whom? Yes, with people, with us!

So they create the world for us. First comes the light separated from the darkness. First is the light! The light is powerful. Darkness is jealous! Darkness tries to pull us into despair. Who wins in our own lives: light or darkness? Think about ourselves and our families. In which realm do we live most of the time? Many of us are natured or have chosen to live in the light. A few of us find ourselves grumbling and complaining and feeling helpless. We are in the darkness realm. Does it feel good to be in the darkness realm? Have we tried to move into the realm of light? Do we know what God is holding for us there? Let us look to each other to be models of walking in the light!

We as a church family are a living being. We thrive if we stay in the realm of light. We will die if we slide into the realm of darkness.

Jesus is unseen in the time of new creation light eons of years ago. But, after his birth on earth, he is the light! The light that shines and glows and makes us feel alive. The Apostle John, in the book of John, names Jesus the “Word,” capital W. The Word is in the beginning with God. The Word is God. The Word is the light of God. The Word and the light bring life.

Life, vitality! Not overcome by darkness. Not overcome by fear and weakness. Instead the light gives courage, a we-can-do-it brand of courage. But only by God’s guidance and strength, patience and proceeding. So let’s “listen up!” As we embark on this path of being truthful to ourselves that money does not grow on trees and money only stretches so far, we are walking on the path of good stewardship. We want to continue to serve God.

You as a congregation have been very mission-minded and you continue to be a helping congregation. Last week we heard, when we talked about good memories, the good work generated from this congregation’s mission trips to states far from here. Mission big time!

Unless we want to actually wither on the vine, we need to keep mission foremost as a goal, not resting on the laurels of the past. Several mission projects have surfaced and are being pursued. We need God’s help to get them going. Attention came to us to prepare a spot in worship for “special needs” people. It is in the very beginning stages. Please pray that this perceived need, which has appeared, is workable . The vision is for us to form a fun, relaxed, intergenerational choir with as many of you who care to be involved with the uplifting of the folks whom God has placed, and will place, in our midst.

Concerning our finances and the “letting go” of the building, it is like a dark tunnel at the moment with a few cracks of light. However, placing our faith in our loving God, and acting on our faith, we will walk step-by-step carefully through the tunnel, singing with all our hearts until the cracks of light gradually become bands of light and then into the broad sunlight. Let us help each other through the tunnel. When one gets weary and depressed, another gives us courage to feel the light of Jesus in our souls. Dare I have the courage to ask you for an “Amen?”

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