“Who Knew?”

Sermon – 04-30-17 – Easter III – Cycle A
Scripture: from Acts 2; from Psalm 116; I Peter 1:17-23; Luke 24:13-35
Sermon Title: “Who Knew?”

On this road
the road from Jerusalem to Emmaus
On this road
walked two sad men

On this road
another man appeared with the two
On this road
he asked why the sadness

On this road
the two men started to recite
On this road
the third man overtook the recitation

On this road
the two men listened, astonished
On this road
this man spoke as a prophet

On this road
the two men planned to stop and eat
On this road
the two invited the third

While they stopped
the third man took bread, gave thanks, broke it
While they stopped
the third man offered the bread to the two

the eyes of the two were opened
the third man vanished

the two returned to Jerusalem
they joined the eleven close disciples and other disciples

all had a sharing-experiences fest
to get the day in perspective
and to declare,“The Lord has risen indeed!”

Is that it?
Is that all there is to this story?
This holy one, this resurrected one
appeared many more times

To prove that it was he for real
To prove that this is not a sad story
To prove that the disciples could be transformed
from un-energized to re-energized

There was a mission
for the eleven and other companions
There is a mission for us
and other millions of believers

Peter accepted the mission
three thousand were baptized; the church was founded
Paul accepted the mission
churches were established

How can we stand before the risen Christ
and claim to be doing our share for the kingdom
Peter suggests in I Peter 1:22
love one another deeply from the heart

I will fulfill my vows to the Lord in the presence of all God’s people!

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